Árkádia 27 Ltd.


These are the services offered by Árkádia 27 Ltd.

We offer a wide range of services, which you may need during your everyday business activities. Our services are the following:

Translation, proof-reading, editing, printing prework activities:

• Technical documentations, user instructions, manuals, equipment drawings;

• Legal documents, notes, protocols, incorporation documents, various deeds, contracts, agreements;

• Balance sheets, reports, statements;

• Business correspondence, educational materials, tender documentations.

Interpreting and also providing technical equipment:

• In general, technical, business, commercial and in any other topics requested by the customers, for example education, training.



• Bulgarian • Czech • Danish

• Estonian • Greek • Hebrew • Dutch

• Croatian • Macedonian

• Norwegian • Italian • Portuguese

• Romanian • Spanish • Swedish • Serbian

• Slovakian • Ukrainian

Printing services:

• We offer wide range services from graphical editing, through pre-press activities to a final bound publication.


The Quality Policy of Árkádia 27 Ltd.

Our clients’ demand is the center of our quality policy. We make all efforts to satisfy our business partners to the greatest extent.

The most important elements of the quality policy of Árkádia 27 Ltd. is the demand of our customers. This business behaviour guarantees our competitiveness and full compliance with our customers.
By means of global market research and personal meetings with our consumers prior to contracts, we discover the necessities of customers.

We carry out global market research and we meet our customers in person to assess their requirements and then enter into a contract.


Our goals

• We work with highly qualified colleagues and sub-contractors.

• One of the fundamental elements of our business policy is to comply with the conditions and deadlines.

• Our company continuously carries out quality checks, providing a double checking system. Upon special requests we also involve independent experts for their opinion and co-operation.

• We continuously train our team.

• Our colleagues are committed to our company, which we remunerate with moral and financial means.

The translations shall always fully comply with the content and formal requirements prescribed by our clients.