Árkádia 27 Ltd.


Welcome to Árkádia 27 Ltd.!

The most important task for our company is to provide support for you and your business! Since the foundation of our company we have a good reputation within the business environment and in the trade. Our activities also comply with the highest standard requirements. Our company is a well-established and a successfully operating enterprise. The Árkádia 27 Ltd. offers high standard translation, interpretation and printing prework services and your requests shall have our utmost attentions.

”For your important linguistics and business communication needs shall the Árkádia 27 Ltd. be the solution!”



The secret of effective communication is the appropriate choice of market, the appropriate product offer and efficient reasoning. This is where your power resides!

In order to export or find new partners abroad, and to be on the same wavelength with your partner the lingual communication and within this the translation plays an essential role in today’s global technology-based economy. And this is where the Árkádia 27 Ltd.

can assist you by being your translator, interpreter and communicator. One of the most important secrets of your business is the authentic lingual interpretation!

Even if you need only one page to be translated, or if you have a thick technical manual, which needs to be translated into another language, or if you need to convince the audience of a conference with your presentation, we are always at your disposal and we are to your advantage at reasonable prices.