Árkádia 27 Ltd.

About us

A few words about the Árkádia 27 Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1995 under the name of Árkádia 27 Commercial and Service Provider Limited Partnership. Our major activities are translation and interpreting. At the beginning we were operating mainly with Slavic languages. From the very beginning we were also offering simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Our services were regularly requested at the meetings of the Hungarian Election Commission in the Danube Palace of the Ministry of the Interior. Our services were also used at the parliamentary and municipal elections in 1998.

During the last years we have improved the standards, accuracy and reliability of our services. As a result more and more companies choose us from more regions of the business world.

We opened our Budapest office in 2000. We receive on average 800 to 1000 orders a year. We have a permanent annual turnover reaching a value of 50 to 70 million HUF. We changed our limited partnership to Ltd. in October 2003. Our subscribed capital is 8 million HUF.

Our company works with translators and sub-contractors, who comply with our highest professional and reliability requirements.

We are committed to satisfy our Customers to the greatest extent. We are also obliged to offer translation services in a wide range of languages.

Currently we work for multinational and national companies, offering large-scale services in the form of long-term contractor agreements.